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"...fuse her passionate performance with unparalleled musical charm."

-Nanchang Daily

今年年初,编编聆听了广州国际青年音乐周闭幕式音乐会,整场音乐会十分精彩,最后返场作品中的即兴小提琴独奏令人印象尤其深刻。音乐会结束后,编编立刻赶往后台向各位音乐家们祝贺,也想认识一下那位即兴小提琴独奏家。可没想到那名独奏女孩的身边早已围绕着一群兴奋的人们,大家争着想要认识她。著名华人中提琴家黄心芸和著名美籍俄罗斯钢琴家Anna Polonsky更称赞她为音乐会当晚“最闪亮的新星。”她到底是谁?她就是旅美小提琴家孙月。

At the beginning of this year, the editor witnessed the closing concert of Guangzhou International Youth Music Week. The whole concert was impressive, especially the last encore Improvisational performance of violin solo. After the concert, the editor hurried immediately to the backstage to congratulate the musicians expecting to meet this violinist who delivered the last violin solo. But to his surprise, the girl was already surrounded by the crowds in excitement. They all wanted to meet her. The prestigious cellist Huang Xinyun and renowned Russian American pianist Anna Polonsky commented her as the "most shining rising star" of the night. The person enjoying this popularity is the one we are interviewing, Sun Yue, a US-based violinist.


Independent and Creative: a Interview of Doctor Yue Sun

​撰稿:龚婷​     来源:新女报 

​by Ting Gong    from Modern Woman

August 8, 2018



Yue Sun-Passion to Music
-Interview of Violinist Yue Sun at New York Lounge

​主持人:谭琳     来源:美国中文电视台 

​by Lin Tan   from SinoVision INC.

Broadcast date: November 27, 2017

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In recent days, an album "Passion" for music performance has conquered each of its audiences since it's release with its stringent art attitude and well-grounded performance skills/ The musician brings this extraordinary experience to audiences is the violinist Yue Sun who was born in Nanchang, studied in Shnaghai and currently in pursuit of her doctor degree in the United States.


Appealing Melody Born in Crystal Heart

-Special Interview with Violinist Yue Sun

​撰稿:徐蕾​     来源:南昌日报 

​by Lei Xu   from Nanchang Daily

August 21, 2017 



New Violinist in Old Hometown
-Violin Solo Recital by Violinist Yue Sun in Nanchang

​撰稿:申知     来源:江南都市报 

​by Zhi Shen   from Jiang Nan City Daily

September 12, 2015

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